Shandong Guangyin New Materials Co., Ltd limited company hand in hand with the Chinese academy of sciences

Recently, Shandong Guangyin New Materials Co., Ltd. Was established in expert advisory committee ceremony held zibo century hotel. Vice mayor of zibo city zone, appoint secretary, director of the ac ZhuangMing, deputy secretary of the steering committee, the ac hi-tech executive deputy director HanZhiJiang, Chinese academy of sciences, researchers et al, Chinese academy of sciences researcher at the institute of chemical WangDuJin, tsinghua university professor to build, Beijing chemical university professor ding sound more than, Chinese academy of sciences researcher at the institute of chemical MaYongMei, chemical research institute of the Chinese academy of sciences DongXia dr attended the ceremony. High-tech zone of China merchants and related departments to attend the ceremony.
ZhuangMing at the ceremony for experts and addressed the appointment leeters to the arrival of the experts and support to say thank you. He pointed out that, zibo is a historical culture long group type of garden city, is an industrial city. High-tech zone after nearly 20 years of development, in the key development pharmaceutical and chemical industry, new materials, electronic information and integrates light and leading industry, and on the basis of relevant industry has already formed the focus, to promote the development of the park construction unique new features. At present, the high-tech zone is energetically carry out "the 6535" innovation and development overtake engineering, China function glass, inorganic non-metallic nanometer material two big industry base and aluminum products deep processing, titanium alloy and stainless steel three non-ferrous metal plate has already begun to take shape. Shandong Guangyin New Materials Co., Ltd of long carbon chain nylon project is not only in the country to develop new material industrial policy, is at present the country strongly advocated the development of strategic new industry, and also one of the industrial structure adjustment, key support field project. Experts advisory committee to promote the establishment of the enterprise innovation development zone and the structure of the way, turn process to have the important meaning. In the future, the hope of more experts advise for the development of enterprises, help enterprise to solve the technical problems encountered in, thrusting enterprise rapid development, enhance the development in the future. At the same time hope academician of the experts can and enterprise to create conditions, high-tech zone in the preparation of the enterprise technological alliance and workstations, high-tech zone for science and technology innovation to make positive contribution. High-tech zone will, as always, support enterprise development, to provide enterprises with the service of the superior quality, promote enterprise production as soon as possible DaXiao, realize the benefits.
It is reported, Shandong Guangyin New Materials Co., Ltd . Experts advisory committee for the company's development decision-making consultation institutions, the company is top managers and the research and development department to strengthen the academician, experts with close ties to the an important link, and it is play high-level talent advantage, promote development decision-making scientifically, democratization and legalization of important organization form. Experts advisory committee under the expert working offices, wide Yin by company management, the main task is to Yin company with wide development, global long-term and strategic problems, organize the experts for investigation and study, put forward a constructive suggestion and never case plan; Yin wide of development of important projects such as mount decision-making, planning, organizing experts research demonstrated, comments, Suggestions and solutions for enterprise decision-making reference; Complete Yin widely encountered in the company of the difficult decision to other matters of the consultation.

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